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Crossfit 16.5 tips
CrossFit 16.5 Tips

2016 CROSSFIT GAMES 16.5 TIPS CrossFit Games Open 16.5 We will put up all the tips for 16.5 by the end of the live announcement for 16.5.  Stay tuned. *Do want advise from Christmas Abbott about 16.5?  Don’t forget to signup to get the exclusive video!* THE LIFTING FIX CROSSFIT OPEN… READ MORE

Meet the Man Behind CrossFuel

Meet the Man Behind CrossFuel   Dr. Jardine lectures and coaches internationally as a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition and with decades of experience working with many of the world’s top performers, teams and Olympians. Dr. Jardine has seen first hand that what… READ MORE

crossfit 16.4 tips
CrossFit 16.4 tips

2016 CROSSFIT GAMES 16.4 TIPS CrossFit Games Open 16.4 We will put up all the tips for 16.4 by the end of the live announcement for 16.4.  Stay tuned. THE LIFTING FIX CROSSFIT OPEN 16.4- Click here.   16.4 BODY MECHANICS BROKEN DOWN BY DR. HERTING- CLICK HERE. For more info about… READ MORE

CrossFit 16.4
16.4 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour Sponsored by Reebok

Calgary, do you accept the challenge? @ReebokCrossFitRamsay is throwing down for the 16.4 this Saturday March 19th. Come to cheer on your community and compete alongside Games and Reebok Athletes Tyson Takasaki, Paul Tremblay and Emily Abbott #UnlimitYourself #Open2016 #ThrowDown Click here.

CrossFit 16.3 tips
2016 CrossFit Games 16.3 Tips

2016 CrossFit Games 16.3 Tips CrossFit Games Open 16.3 We will put up all the tips for 16.3 by the end of the live announcement for 16.3.  Stay tuned. The Lifting Fix CrossFit Open 16.3 How to increase your barbell cycle time. Click here.   16.3 Body Mechanics broken down by… READ MORE


Affilate Open Tour Events 16.1
16.1 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour by Reebok Canada

  16.1 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour by Reebok Canada The 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour Sponsored by @ReebokCanada is coming to Woodbridge for the 16.1 Throwdown. Click here for more details! #Open2016 #UnlimitYourself #CrossFit @ReebokCrossFitEastWoodbridge   Here are some exclusive photos from 16.1 at CrossFit East Woodbridge.  A great event and starred… READ MORE

Obstacle Course Racing
OCR Racer Profile: Jonathan Reber w/TITIN TOUGH

Obstacle Course Racing is becoming a huge sport in today’s fitness landscape. Like CrossFit, gone are the days of athletes simply trying to win competitions by training only a few times a week.  It takes dedication and drive to make it to the Gold. In the last three years, obstacle… READ MORE

Kill Cliff East Coast Championship CorssFit
Kill Cliff East Coast Championships 2016 Preview

Kill Cliff East Coast Championships It’s about that season again.  The Kill Cliff East Coast Championships are here! The stars are aligning to bring together some of the premier athletes to New England before the CrossFit Games season begins.  Last year this was the test of who would be the… READ MORE

Wodapalooza CrossFit

Biggest Winners and Performances from WODAPOOLZA 2016     *All images provided by Wodapoolza. This article will mainly be a breakdown the Elite category for the Men’s and Women’s divisions. What started out as a rainy event, ended up being exciting and having some of the brightest and up and… READ MORE

Charlotte Miles Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged: Behind the Camera with Charlotte Miles

Charlotte Miles Success in any field requires persistence, focus and forward thinking. There’s no better example than Charlotte Miles.  She is one of only two women involved in the production of functional fitness podcasts. Not only that, she has utilized a wide array of skills and experiences to help craft… READ MORE

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