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Becoming an Icon

Ask Rich Froning about his diet and he’s pretty nonchalant, admitting he doesn’t follow paleo or count calories in any way, shape, or form. Mention some of his max lifts, which are pretty well on par withlifters who specialize in throwing huge weight around, and he’ll play them off as… READ MORE

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Raising the Bar

Wounded warriors meet CrossFit CrossFit is known for being one of the most challenging athletic systems in the current fitness arena. Its high-intensity functional training asks participants to execute precise movements under extreme stress. The athlete is challenged to maintain their focus while performing difficult maneuvers. Practitioners are expected to… READ MORE

Tough Like Lindsey

Lindsey Valenzuela From 34th in the 2011 CrossFit Games to 9th in 2012 and 2nd in 2013, Lindsey’s voracious climb to the top of the CrossFit world is thanks to nothing less than ruthless hard work. Her capacity for mental toughness is sought by many but achieved by few. In… READ MORE


Kettle bell Sport
Time to BOLT for your Kettlebell!

What is Kettlebell Sport? So you’ve decided you want to start learning the kettlebell, and with a simple google search, it is obvious there are different schools of thought.  We have Hardstyle (HS), Girevoy Sport (GS), and a mixture of both (BOLT) methods available to us.  How do you know… READ MORE

Obstacle Course Racing
OCR Racer Profile: Jonathan Reber w/TITIN TOUGH

Obstacle Course Racing is becoming a huge sport in today’s fitness landscape. Like CrossFit, gone are the days of athletes simply trying to win competitions by training only a few times a week.  It takes dedication and drive to make it to the Gold. In the last three years, obstacle… READ MORE

Charlotte Miles Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged: Behind the Camera with Charlotte Miles

Charlotte Miles Success in any field requires persistence, focus and forward thinking. There’s no better example than Charlotte Miles.  She is one of only two women involved in the production of functional fitness podcasts. Not only that, she has utilized a wide array of skills and experiences to help craft… READ MORE









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