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The Power of the Powell’s

Powell Power! Fitness Media Moguls By Jamie Shane Photography by James Patrick Photo Assistant: Amber Blom Hair: Chirrsy Rasmussen, Habit Salon Make up : Kayla Oberg Wardrobe: Reebok and Rogiani Is there any slowing down for the Powells, now that Extreme Weight Loss is in syndication? Clearly Chris and Heidi… READ MORE

Christmas Abbott CrossFit
Unwrapping the gifts of CrossFit with Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott Unwrapping the gifts of CrossFit By Jamie Shane At 5’3″ and a light 115 pounds, Christmas Abbott’s size belies her power. From CrossFit Regionals to NASCAR pit crew to Inked magazine cover girl, she is fiercely bold in everything that she does. As the owner of CrossFit Invoke,… READ MORE

Bridges  (49 of 349)
Josh Bridges: Mentally tough

Josh Bridges CrossFit builds tough. Athletes train themselves to run faster, lift heavier, and push further — it shows in their physique. Deeply layered musculature sculpted into broad, curving planes demonstrates the versatile and unique physical gifts of the CrossFit training program. Across the board, in the body of every… READ MORE

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Raising the Bar

Wounded warriors meet CrossFit CrossFit is known for being one of the most challenging athletic systems in the current fitness arena. Its high-intensity functional training asks participants to execute precise movements under extreme stress. The athlete is challenged to maintain their focus while performing difficult maneuvers. Practitioners are expected to… READ MORE

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Doug Katona

Doug Katona is well known in the CrossFit circuit. He has coached a number of top-level competitors with great success. He has also worked with athletes from all sports, consulting with NFL teams for their strength and conditioning programs, as well as Olympic-hopeful swimmer Ella Eastin. In the world of… READ MORE

Ben Bergeron’s East Coast Championships

East Coast Championships The second annual East Coast Championships hosted some of the best athletes of the sport this year at the Boston Trade Center. With a $22,000 purse, we saw over 25 Games-level competitors come out and give a great showing. Hosted by Ben Bergeron and CrossFit New England,… READ MORE











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