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When you can invoke the warrior spirit in a high school student, a mother of three, a banker, a paramedic, and a soldier all in the same space, you must be doing something right. In the past two years, CrossFit Colosseum has been accomplishing just that, and earning its place as a top training facility for elite athletes and first-time fitness enthusiasts alike.

The sense of community and heart that CrossFit Colosseum exudes is something all facilities strive for but few truly achieve. What’s the asset this affiliate has that can’t be found anywhere else? —Its owner and Head Coach, Paul McIntyre. A member of the Canadian Forces for 28 years and an elite athlete with three medals for Team Canada in the European Association of Reserve NCOs Military Heptathlon, he has definitely seen his fair share of grueling training schedules.

The CrossFit bug infected him some five years ago when he, with the help of a few of Toronto’s other CF pioneers, brought one of the first level 1 certifications to the province. Soon after, the legendary Moss Park Armory competitions began popping up. Through these early competitions and several other certifications, McIntyre began to assemble a great stash of equipment from the Armory and simultaneously create a name for himself in the CrossFit community.

With no direction to go but up, CrossFit Colosseum was born. The facility is large enough to hold just about any type of certification or seminar and provides ample equipment for large class sizes as well. There’s plenty of space to work on your power lifting, Oly lifts, gymnastics, or any other WOD component you can dream up. There is even in-house access to an Athletic Therapist and hand-to-hand combat training for those looking to take the warrior spirit a little further.

The synergy between McIntyre’s experience and the team’s passion for providing high quality coaching are evident from the testimonials and reviews on the affiliate’s website. A Little Warriors kids’ program and a Warrior Support scheme that accepts donations for care packages and sends them to armed forces personnel overseas also give credence to the idea that this affiliate hasn’t forgotten the community element that makes the sport of CrossFit unique.


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