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Are you ready to get your Fran on? While it’s possible to triumph over thrusters and prevail over pull-ups in your basement or garage, if you really want to ramp up your physical training and set new PRs, a box is where it’s at. With thousands of CrossFit gyms across the continent, and multiple establishments within many metropolitan areas, North American WOD enthusiasts will find plenty of options.

While the welcoming sense of community you will find may be the same, every CrossFit box approaches the sport of fitness differently. At some, you’ll find the focus on bodyweight-only exercises in sparse surroundings. At others, every piece of CrossFit adaptable equipment under the sun, from climbing ropes to gymnastics floors, obstacle walls to atlas stones, all next to mountains of kettlebells, medicine balls and free weights. And at the heart of all, affiliate owners and coaches dedicated to helping you get stronger, move faster and push your limits beyond what you ever thought possible.

Here are ten CrossFit gyms in the U.S. and Canada considered among the best in the business by the publishers of Sweat RX.

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle – Seattle, Washington

Owned and operated by Dave Werner, a former Navy SEAL with over 25 years of coaching experience, Level 4 CrossFit Seattle was the very first CrossFit affiliate. Within this 10,000 square foot training playground, you’ll find only the best CrossFit equipment as well as a handpicked top-notch staff of trainers. Every client of CrossFit Seattle enjoys individualized attention, whether in a group class or a one-on-one coaching session. You’ll experience training that is focused on full range of movement –including lifting, twisting and pulling– central to the CrossFit philosophy, all while improving your strength and cardiovascular endurance. Schedule a free one-hour intro session or move on to personal training at $85 an hour. CrossFit class packages start at $70 per month.

CrossFit New England – Natick, Massachusetts

At CrossFit New England’s strength and conditioning facility, coaches develop individuals, athletes and teams through constantly varied functional movements – all executed at high intensity, of course. Ben Bergeron, a head coach with over 15 years of experience, and his wife Heather, eighth place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games with 20 years in the fitness industry own and operate this 5,000 square foot warehouse gym, where classes focus on weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardio. Those new to CrossFit should sign up for an elements session at $75. Monthly class packages start at $189 with discount rates for fire, police, EMT and military personnel.

CrossFit Montclair – Montclair, New Jersey

Owned and operated by Gregg Arsenuk and Karianne Dickinson, CrossFit Montclair is one of two gyms in the Guerrilla Fitness family. Classes are available seven days a week and feature the constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements essential to CrossFit. When CrossFit Montclair members aren’t busting out burpees, they’re raising money. In 2009, Guerrilla Fitness raised over $62,000 for Wounded Warriors. They raised over $49,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in 2012. And in December, they plan to raise $14,000 to build a school in Kenya. Memberships start at $140 a month and personal coaching is available for $90 an hour.

CrossFit Vancouver – Vancouver, British Columbia

CrossFit Vancouver and the Madlab School of Fitness, owned and operated by Craig Patterson, have set out to “professionalize the fitness industry.” The first CrossFit affiliate in Canada, their 10,000 square foot facility, complete with 15-foot ceilings, is the largest CrossFit training operation in the country.  It is also the first recognized CrossFit Vocational School in the world, where future coaches and affiliate owners can complete accredited diploma programs in CrossFit level one and two as well as executive business mentorship. Stop by for a free intro class or sign up for a membership package starting at $145 a month. When you’ve completed AMRAP, kick back and relax in the bar and lounge upstairs.

CrossFit Catalyst – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

With two gyms packed with state of the art equipment, and fifteen years of fitness experience, coach and president of CrossFit Catalyst Chris Cooper is prepared to transform the couch potatoes of Ontario into Spartan Warriors. Held six days a week, group classes are scalable for novice to elite participants. As if that’s not enough, members also enjoy student challenges, competitions and special seminars. You can drop-in for $16 or purchase a punch card of 16 sessions for $128. An Unlimited CrossFit package is available for $135, or access open gym hours for $40 a month.

Reebok CrossFit One – Canton, Massachusetts

Unless you’re an employee of Adidas Group, Reebok or Rockport, you’ll have to give up your dream of training at this world-class CrossFit box located on Reebok’s global campus. If you are lucky enough to work for one of these fitness and footwear powerhouses, you’ll benefit from six coaches with 35 years combined experience, including Austin Malleolo, who finished sixth place in the 2010 CrossFit Games, and Spencer Hendel, who placed ninth in 2009.  Classes take place five days a week and feature all the essential CrossFit movements executed at high intensity. The 12,000 square foot gym accommodates 100 students at a time and membership is free.

Santa Cruz CrossFit – Santa Cruz, California

Owned by brother and sister dynamic duo Hollis Molloy and Danielle Edmundson, who were once coached by Nicole Carroll and Greg Glassman, the WOD-father himself, Santa Cruz CrossFit is whipping engineers, teachers, doctors, moms, athletes and first responders of all ages into the best shape of their lives. Focused on varied stimulus to create dramatic results, classes at Santa Cruz CrossFit are always challenging, from warm up to WOD. In addition to group training sessions seven days a week, members can participate in events like the Santa Cruz CrossFit Affiliate Cup. Get unlimited CrossFit group sessions for $175 a month. Discounts are available for students, the military and first responders.

Element CrossFit – Mississauga, Ontario

Your basement has nothing on the supportive, goal-driven and results-oriented environment you’ll find at Element CrossFit. Founded on a philosophy of real fitness, encompassing the mental, spiritual and emotional as well as the physical, the coaches at this gym will help you optimize your competence in the ten essential fitness domains. Schedule a free private intro session, or sign up for unlimited training from $150 per month. Classes are available seven days a week and supplemented by Element Essentials seminars in strength, weightlifting, gymnastics, running and nutrition. When they’re not sweating their paleo-asses off, their community rallies around special events like the November Powerlifting Meet and Members-Only Challenges.

Valley CrossFit – Van Nuys, California

Owned by Michael Latch, Valley CrossFit is one of the most well equipped boxes in North America. The 15,000 square foot facility features a 48-foot pull-up and monkey bar system, 1600 square foot professional gymnastics floor, seven climbing ropes, six-foot obstacle walls, a wall of rowing machines and a cargo net along with the usual truck tires, sleds, slamballs, kettlebells and barbells. In addition to classes seven days a week, members enjoy special events like defense and powerlifting seminars. Coaches at Valley CrossFit include Rebecca Voight, 2011 CrossFit Games Women’s Individual third place winner and 2012 sixth place finisher, and Kristan Clever, 2010 CrossFit Games Women’s Individual first place winner and 2011 second-place winner. Drop in for $25 or purchase an unlimited class package. Contact the box for current pricing.

Outlaw CrossFit – Alexandria, Virginia

One of the first 100 CrossFit affiliates in the world, Outlaw CrossFit serves WOD enthusiasts in the greater DC metro area. Owned by head coach Rudy Nielson, the gym’s workouts are a hybrid of traditional CrossFit and Westside Barbell, a powerlifting program run by Louie Simmons. Focused on broad, general and inclusive fitness, Outlaw CrossFit serves up classes five days a week scalable to any participant, including their 65-year-old member who deadlifts 195, squats 135 and runs a sub 10-minute mile. Check out a free intro class or sign up for an unlimited monthly membership starting at $175. Discounted rates are available for military and first responders.

Valley CF

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    And when you’re ready, come check out Diablo CrossFit (Pleasant Hill, CA). 16,000 square feet with over 20 multi-disciplined coaches, over 200 classes (no including specialty classes) & open all day.

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