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Byron and Caitlin Gold, the husband-and-wife owners of CrossFit Evviva in Eugene, Oregon, adopted a motto for their gym coined by the late, great hockey coach of the gold medal winning 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, Herb Brooks, “Legs Feed the Wolf.”

The meaning stems from the hunting behavior of wolves who must be strong enough to stalk, chase, and outlast their prey in order to eat and ultimately survive.

“Our wolf symbol represents our community’s unity as a pack,” says Byron. “We give each other support, accountability, and respect both inside and outside of the gym. Our motto is a reminder to always keep moving, dig deep, and never give up.” Byron is no stranger to perseverance. Years before discovering CrossFit, he worked at a local fitness centre sweeping floors, cleaning equipment, and teaching early-morning cycling classes, always with a classic rock playlist. He was introduced to Olympic weightlifting by a fellow cyclist and Olympic weightlifting coach and eventually left the fitness centre to learn and train under his wing. “I was sacrificing other things to work out, but I always felt like I was working toward something great,” he says. “There were days when no one would show up to the gym or I would let people workout for free.” Slowly the classes grew and Byron was confident that he could own his own gym. After getting married, Caitlin and Byron jumped in head first and started CrossFit Evviva.

Within a year, they had outgrown their old location, a 1,300 square foot room attached to a bike shop. This past November, they moved into a 4,000 square foot two-story facility and they’re steadily on their way to outgrowing their new space. The Gold’s family also grew in late August with the birth of their first child, Thomas. “My biggest priority as a trainer is instilling confidence in people so they challenge themselves to do things they think they can’t do–both in and out of the gym,” says Caitlin. “Byron and I would dream about achieving this goal and it’s fulfilling to see our vision become a reality.”Floor to ceiling windows on the front of the building allow passersby to see members climb ropes, swing from rings, or lift from jerk blocks; however, the second floor at Evviva represents a mix of work and play. Squat racks and GHD machines occupy one side of the room, while the other houses a ping pong table, drum set, lounge, and television complete with a video game system. “We wanted to create a space where people are motivated to push hard during each WOD but where they also feel comfortable just hanging out,” says Byron. “We try to have as much fun as possible. We listen to AC/DC. We throw down on the ping pong table. And there’s always beer in the fridge.”CrossFit Evviva happily welcomes new members to the pack. Located at 234 West 6th Avenue in downtown Eugene, Oregon, they offer classes six days a week, a two-week beginner program, open gym sessions, teen classes, mobility classes, and discounts for students, medical professionals, military personnel, law enforcement professionals, and firefighters.

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