July/August 2013 issue

Recently we met with CrossFit’s second-in-command, Dave Castro, at Canada East Regionals in May. There’s agreement across the board that the 2013 Games is gonna knock it out of the park (rather, outta the box). Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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We are proud to note all of the solid Canadian competitors that will make this year’s events a nail biter to be sure. Featured this issue is a top Canadian favorite and a heartthrob among the competitors! But don’t be fooled by a pretty face: recently married Camille Leblanc-Bazinet may smile like an angel, but her motive is simple: win. And she’s clear about the lengths she’s willing to go to, to make sure that happens.

Not only will the fittest of the fit and the strongest of the strong be in Carson, California, this July, but the top-tier companies who support and endorse the competitors will be present as well. Flip the magazine over to read through these gold-standard profiles to learn what CrossFit stars attribute to their success and how these companies are supporting a growing community. There you will also find a striking photo essay of the Games–our collector’s edition–and a tribute to the superhuman discipline and capabilities of these extraordinary athletes.

But CrossFit isn’t just about Games and Regional’s, PRs and WODs. Although not for the faint of heart, it’s a community built on generosity, a sport that is as humble as it is industrious. For proof, turn to The Scene and learn how CrossFit doesn’t just transform attitudes and bodies; it changes lives. Integrity, self-respect, and discipline are the backbone of local clubs nationwide, according to Steve’s Club.

In this two-part series of CrossFit 101, we take you back through the basics. And if you’re beyond the basics, looking to escalate your metabolism to sky-high levels, then Nick Tumminello is your man. Learn about Hybrid Locomotion Complexes, Sled Work, and Farmer’s Walks; and then it’s time to upgrade to warrior status with Grunt and Bare It. But we won’t leave you high and dry, begging for mercy. This issue’s Fuel serves up protein-packed pina coladas and a Paleo-based nutritional program called the Whole9— a whole-foods plan that forbids calorie counting while achieving desired results. For that, you can count us in.

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