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Enjoy Training with Noah Ohlsen

If you haven’t figured it out already, it’s exceptionally important to enjoy training. This doesn’t mean that you avoid weaknesses but rather embrace them and enjoy the process of growth. Noah Ohlsen is a perfect example of someone who just loves training. His hard work, consistency and dedication is something that’s going to allow him to make it to that podium in 2016. We’re calling it son.

Lifting Like a Girl with Mattie Rogers

Mattie Rogers, one of the newest Rehband Athletes is an inspiration to may young women in our community. Maybe it’s her amazing smile, or maybe it’s the way she makes the barbell do what she’s want’s it to do. She’s one hell of a hard worker and setting records is her cup of tea. Check out what she’s up to and how got to where she did.

Reebok and the CrossFit Community

We hit up Reebok CrossFit Woodbridge East and had a blast in 16.2. Reebok is a great brand that is absolutely crushing. They are real, true to the sport and that’s why they are the real brand of CrossFit. Live, Lift, Reebock.

Live Life to it’s Fullest with Derrick Johnson

We travelled to Pittsburgh and had the opportunity to hang and talk to one of the greats, Derrick Johnson! This man has every right to make excuses and refuses to do so. Listen and learn how to live life to it’s fullest and accomplish your goals.


Margus Hunt

Talking to Margus Hunt, Defensive End from the Cincinnati Bangles has taught us a lot about the importance of being a athlete. This guy walked on his University Football team at SMU, (Southern Methodist University) and became a star over his college career. Drafted 35 overall  by the now 8-0 Bangles, he is a force to be reckoned with. Watching this 6’8″ 290 lb beast move is impressive to say the least.

Growing up in Estonia, Margus was a true track star, excelling in the shot-put and discus events. However, his coach knew the importance on being an overall athlete and encouraged him to try all events. Being a true overall athlete allowed Margus to catch on to the game of Football faster then most, and has also helped him be injury free for the majority of his career.

In our society, we often see too many young athletes flowing to sport and neglecting general physical conditioning. We need to create real athletes, and then allow our kids to become players. This will stop the nonsense we see with teens today. The nonsense I”m referring to is the countless about of knee surgeries, back issues, elbow surgeries, etc… due to lack of physical preparedness. Let’s focus on being ready for sport before we try and jump into higher levels of organized sport.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona


Jackie Perez

Hanging out with Jackie during her Rehband photo shoot was a blast. This girl works her ass off, day in day out. However, she is one of the best at knowing how to balance life, training, work and fun. Going through struggles like many women out there it’s easy to lose perspective and get carried away with training and work. Jackie has learned how to listen not only to her body but also to herself. When things become too burdensome and the fun is sucked away, find something that fulfills you and go for it. She teaches us to be ourselves, love who we are but also work hard to constantly grow.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona


Jon Gilson

After siting in on Jon’s AF Project 1.0 I was blown away not only by his knowledge but also by his ability to captivate his audience. This was by far on of the coolest seminars I’ve attended and it was all FREE! What? Seriously, Jon is a huge believer that content should be free for everyone and payment should occur only when content ins individualized. If you want to take your business to the next level, and learn what it truly means to be entrepreneurial, this is a must listen. Also check his AF Project 1.0 and 2.0

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona


Christmas Abbott on Life and Business

After the Sweat Rx Showcase, we hung out at CrossFit Toronto and got a behind the scene experience of a high fashion photoshoot with Christmas. One thing that blew me away is her professionalism. We’ve all seen her pics, and followed her on social but you guys have no idea how hard this girl works. After a long weekend of content work, we were all very exhausted but she showed up with a smile on her face, a coffee in hand and ready for hair and make up. This was an all day shoot and I was just exhausted watching her work. When she talks about being a badass, she knows exactly what it takes. She is a serious athlete, and certainly a serious entrepreneur. I love that she lives to motivate, and inspire people to be the best version of themselves and she does this by walking the talk and showing people what hard work is all about.

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Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

Christmas Abbott at the Swear Rx Showcase

We had the honour of hanging out with Christmas Abbott at the Swear Rx Showcase this summer and man did we learn a lot. This is one dedicated lady, who crushes in the gym, life and business.  She’s all about inspiring people around her to be the best version of themselves. Through her approach to training and nutrition she’s succeeded in doing just that. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being the most consistent day in and day out.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we get in suits, that’s right, I’m out of my shorts and in a suit. It’s going to be epic.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

Adam Davidson at the CrossFuel, Rush Club, Swear Rx Showcase

We had so much fun at the CrossFuel Swear Rx Rush Club Showcase engaging with amazing people and seeing some awesome Canadian talent from both Ontario and Quebec. We saw Adam Davidson out of CrossFit NCR dominate workouts with his team, and when it came down to stepping up, he did just that. He stepped up on stage and competed in the first Rush Club event on Canadian soil. After doing all that work you’d think he was tired. However, he dominated and crushed the workout he was given. When asked how he was able to do that after a full day of competition, he replied with “that’s just a regular day of training now”. WOW!

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

How to Kill DU with Jacyln Santamaria

In this episode, we discuss how you can go from good to great when performing the DU. Hanging with Jaclyn, a Canadian record holder in Triple Unders makes us feel pretty inadequate about our skipping skills. DU is one of those movements in CrossFit that really frustrates a lot of people but there is hope. With consistent practice, a few tips and intelligent drills anyone can master the DU.  It’s simply a matter of doing the one thing you may not be good at. The one thing that is just not “FUN”. It’s simply a skill, and although some may be better than others, there is  no reason everyone can’t master it.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

Caffeine and Kilos

Let me start by saying how excited I was to do this interview is with Danny and Charlie, the boys from Caffeine and Kilos. Dean, the third partner and creative genius was at home working hard. I  met up Danny and Charlie at the UG series and after a short discussion, we knew that we had to sit down and chat. They share what it’s like having a business partner, how to strive for excellence and what it takes to be successful. One of the big reasons Caffeine and Kilos is so successful is their ability to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and step in to fill roles that fulfill them as business owners.

What is most impressive about Caffeine and Kilos, is that these guys are a lifestyle brand and really live what they preach. Traveling all over North America to meet their loyal customers, Charlie and Danny live the lifestyle. They train hard, lift heavy and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the process.

On a final note, I’d like to apologize for the quality in audio in this podcast due to some time restraints and technical difficulties.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

Rehband Knee Sleves – What’s the big deal?

In our first ever product review, Adam and I review the new model of knees sleeves from Rehband. There are so many misconceptions out there about when to wear knee sleeves, and a lot of argument about getting too dependent on gear. I used to think that they were only good for heavy lifts, and would often save them for lifts over 85%. However, after warming up with them on, going through my lifts and hitting big numbers, I realized that there are a lot of benefits to wearing these bad boys. I felt more fresh day in day out after using them for the entire lifting session.

As for “METCONS” I used them sparingly. I don’t usually like to have too much on my body when my heart rate is high so I only really used them for high level Wall Balls, Squats and Lunges. Using these Sleeves during high volume work certainly aids in recovery and allows you to push harder in your next WOD. So why not wear them? Too dependent on gear? I doubt that. This is simply a tool that if used correctly can aid in recovery by providing compression, warmth to the joint and therefore preventing potential injuries that can occur during fatigue, and my favourite, proprioception. The ladder allows you to move fast during a WOD and avoid those pesky “NO REPS”.

Rehband has done a great job with these knee sleeves in their construction. The stitching is solid, and not cumbersome like other products I’ve tried in the passed. And I’ve pretty much tried them all, having them tear, rip and the all so annoying bunched up material at the back of the knee. The 7mm sleeves were great for heavy lifting, and as a 200b male they provided the appropriate support and compression. So if you’re going to spend money on knee sleeves, don’t try and safe a few bucks, get a solid pair of Rehbands that will feel good and tolerate your rigorous CrossFit workouts.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

The Toughest Mudder – Ryan Atkins

This summer, I ran the Spartan Super in Toronto and all I can say is wow. As a CrossFitter, gym owner and athlete this race was much harder than expected. Think of a 13km run where a 45 degree hill comes up at every turn. The cherry on top is an obstacle at the very top of that hill. From ropes, wall climbs, tightrope walks, spear throws, mud crawls, and heavy carries this was certainly the challenge. After an epic fight with the incline, decline, obstacles and heat, I can say I felt accomplished. This race was no joke, and my man Ryan Atkins can certainly attest to it as the 2014 World Campion.

The Race has three levels; the Sprint, the Super and the Behemoth. Ryan trains using traditional CrossFit workouts but keeps it to bodyweight WODs and combines them with a lot of conditioning work. In this episode we discuss how to train like a badass obstacle course racer. This pro is for real, and you’ll really appreciate it when you join a race like to Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash.

Stay Focused, Smooth, Strong.

By Silviu Bona

Bodybuilding and CrossFit with Alvin Brown

In this episode, we are fortunate enough to chat with Alvin Brown, an incredible expert in holistic training of physique athletes. I was astonished at his approach to fitness as a whole. He does not discriminate nor does he categorize fitness like many others do. “An artist does not believe in labels” he or she is open to all styles. What makes a true artist is the ability to bring together all genres and make something beautiful.

So how can bodybuilding help crossfitters? Or, how can CrossFit help Bodybuilding? We take away the barriers and discuss what true functional fitness is and how acceptance and open minded thinking can make us all better athletes. Think about it, high level crossfitters bodybuild all the time. However, we like to call it “accessory work”, or a “bro sesh”. This interview will help you understand that although CrossFit is in my opinion the best way to get fit, it only remains great because it is willing to accept all effective methodologies. Let’s not lose sight of that.

Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By Silviu Bona

Experience and Tips on The Reebok CrossFit Games from Joyanne Cooper

Joyanne Cooper is one of our favourite athletes from Canada East. Her joy for competition, training and fitness is very difficult to match. This lady just loves working hard, and is a great ambassador for Master’s athletes. She does not play the age card and is often seen in local competitions crushing youth half her age. As a 44-49 Master’s athlete she is often a member of a team made of 20 year olds and she doesn’t only “hold her own” she owns WODs. Last year we had the privilege to hang with Joyanne to chat about her experience at her first ever CrossFit Games. She was like a kid in a candy store and the smile on her face was priceless as she made quick work of the Deadlift ladder.
This year, she has earned herself yet another spot at the CrossFit Games and certainly did not disappoint. She placed 6th overall and represented Canada like a boss. Everyone in Canada East is very proud of you Joyanne. “Train Hard, Lift Heavy”

Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By Silviu Bona

The Pride of Canada East – CrossFIt Pro 1

Last year this team was a first year affiliate, made the Canada East Regionals and dominated. Going to the 2014 CrossFit Games, they made a big splash in the Ocean and that was just the start. These two owners Roch Proteau and Karim El Himi are some of the best coaches in Canada. Listen to this episode and find out why. Simply put, they are humble, hungry to learn, and live in the trenches. They are team leaders, and athletes who refuse to be disconnected from their artform. Rock and Karim put together one hell of a team that complements each other but more importantly, they are a true family who just enjoy hanging out and training. The success that Pro 1 has had can be attributed to three things: a love for training, consistency, and quality coaching.
This year Pro 1 is in their second year as a gym and has proved that they are only getting better. Dominating the Canada East Region, they made the East Super Regionals where they swept the competition taking yet another first place. They are so fired up for these 2015 games and we are behind them. I love their hashtag #IAmCanadaEast as they are showing the world that Canada is a world class Country when it comes to CrossFit and Functional Fitness. Check out their Facebook page to get an idea of how passionate they are.

Stay tuned for more on Joyanne Cooper, representing Canada East as a Masters who made yet another trip to this years CrossFit Games. Also, be sure to check the new Sweat Rx Games issue.

Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By: Silviu Bona

Kristine Andali – Follow Up

In this follow up episode with Kristine Andali, we chat about her comeback after the devastating injury that put her out of the games this year.  A favourite to crush the East Regionals in my opinion, Kristine was sidelined with an achilles tear just before her regionals competition.  In our last episode we discussed how injuries can be viewed as blessings, allowing the athlete to work on weaknesses and come back better, faster and stronger. I had a hard time seeing how this particular injury was a blessing but Kristine shines again. Her positive attitude, and consistent hustle proves that she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She truly lives the athlete’s lifestyle and proves she has what it takes mentally.

Coming back slowly from her injury she’s crushing workouts and beating dudes on “one leg” and alll I can think of is “smelly moon boot”.  But seriously, we need to stop being negative with injuries and learn from them. She is forever reluctant to rebound on box jumps and advocates for CrossFit to change the standard. This is a touchy topic and many are passionate on both sides of the argument. However, I believe CrossFit is here to stay, and if it want’s to be the leader in fitness, it needs to be protective of their brand, programing, and athletes.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By: Silviu Bona

Rush Club – Silviu Bona

If Functional Fitness and UFC had a baby, it would be as exciting as Rush Club. Bringing Functional fitness to a head to head match, using weight classes and keeping workouts short is what keeps audiences engaged. I love watching “exercise racing” but when I’m with family and friends who don’t have the same passion for fitness it’s hard to keep them engaged in a workout that lasts close to an hour. Rush club is electrifying, from the head to head matches, the intro music, walkouts and hairline finishes. If you’re not a fan of fitness, you still can’t help to watch a couple of badasses going head to head, giving everything they have.

One of the main things that makes Rush Club successful is the connection they have to their audience. They are constantly growing and making calculated adjustments that are fan driven. “In five years we will be comparable to companies like the UFC and WWE.” That’s a pretty bold statement but at the rate they’re going I don’t think that they are far off.

With various weight classes for men, women and now three new adaptive athlete classes these guys do more than just “exercise race”. They strive to inspire the masses and literally change lives. It’s difficult to write about something that’s so experience driven and you need to go to one of these events and check it out to get a true feel of what you’ll hear on the podcast. The next event is June 26th, and you can see it by going to Or if you missed Rush Club at the Sweat Rx Showcase, make sure you come by next year.

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By: Silviu Bona

Rob Sinclair

What does it take to be successful? Rob Sinclair sits down with us and gives us a glimpse into what he has done to be successful. From daily routines, and non negotiables, to mindset, he’s got it all covered. The great thing about Rob the entrepreneur is that he has been molding himself into a strong person over years of self-development, and failures. So many people today feel that they disserve to be successful simply because they work hard. The truth is most powerful people have earned their success over years of calculated work, and consistent hustle. Rob is here to change the game with his “Think Outside the Box” campaign. Reaching out to CrossFit Gyms around the world, he wants to hear how fitness has changed the lives of people outside the box, and use those stories to bring the fitness community together on a deeper level. We all know the CrossFit Community is special but often lose sight of what we’re really doing as athletes, coaches, and gym owners. “Think Outside the Box” will bring us back to the true spirit of CrossFit and remind us of why we do what we do. I do it to be the best version of myself.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By: Silviu Bona

Working Against Gravity

Can you get stronger, lift big weights and cut at the same time? Many fitness experts would argue that no, this approach is not ideal. Team WAG (Working Against Gravity) are doing more than lifting serious weights, they are working against the popular notion that that has plagued the fitness community for decades. The notion that you have to bulk, get fat, and then go through a cutting phase, keeping as much muscle as you can while getting vascular. Although this method may work for several people’s goals, it’s not very effective for the weightlifter, or functional athlete.

In this episode we learn the major mistakes that many athletes make in their diet, as well as helpful tips that allow you to “Eat What You Want” and get ripped at the same time. Too good to be true? Check their site Macro dieting is about flexible dieting, and transformations will certainly convince you.

What sets Adee and Hayden apart is their drive to be the best. This is the best nutrition company online today! They love their clients and have one of the best customer service around. But more than that, they travel all over North America and hang out with the best in the business. Weightlifters, Coaches, Sport Performance specialist, bodybuilding coaches and powerlifters. Adee and Hayden surround themselves with the best to be the best and live the lifestyle. Competing in Canadian Nationals for weightlifting, several powerlifting competitions, and who knows, maybe a bodybuilding show? As a matter of fact, Travis Mash refers to Adee as the “Barbell Gypsy” as she’s constantly traveling and growing as a professional, individual and athlete.

Check @adeezukier and @workingagainstgravity on instagram and stay tuned for a great episode.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

 By: Silviu Bona

2015 Regionals Athlete Justin Tamane

The head coach of CrossFit Solid Ground has just made the 2015 Super Regionals. This hard working bad mofo has been grinding for years to get to where he is today. If you want to be a serious competitor you have to watch this episode! Consistent effort regardless of the circumstance is essential to hanging with the elites. Watch our Frasier he’s coming fro you. The life of the athlete is often romanticized but try living it and see if you have what it takes.

The greatest thing about Justin’s story is the amazing help he received from you, the CrossFit community, helping him get to regionals through his Go Fund Me campaign.
We wish Justin the best of luck as he crushes the East Regionals.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

By: Silviu Bona

CrossFuel with Dr. Kevin Jardine

“See the problem and fix it.” These are the famous words of Dr. Kevin Jardine. Family man, successful professional, and an even successful entrepreneur joins Snatches and Scotch to discuss elite performance. Elite performance occurs both in and out of the gym and this is where the game changer CrossFuel supplements comes in. Why work your but off in the gym, try your best to eat a well balanced diet, and then choose to consume sub par supplements? This has never made sense to me. CrossFuel provides high quality, pure sources of proteins, BCAA and other recovery agents. CrossFuel has seen the problem of subpar supplements, and decided to fix it with their attention to detail and quality. Supplements are an essential “tool” for the elite performer. Notice I called them a tool, as they only do what they’re intended to do if all other lifestyle choices are in order.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

 By: Silviu Bona

Functional Female Clothing

Joy and Kristen are awesome women who kick ass in the gym and in life. We sit down and discuss how strong women feel about their bodies and how functional clothing plays a key role in feeling good while getting strong. I love working with strong women, and lately, the fitness industry has made some positive strides empowering strong women. The insight we received is that women are satisfied with just working out, lifting heavy and getting fit. They need to crush weights but look great doing it. Tops, bottoms and everything in between becomes an obsession for many female athletes and certain companies do a great job catering to their needs. Watch this episode to find out what the latest and hottest gear will give you the mental edge to hit your next PR.

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Stay Focused, Strong, and Smooth

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