Coach Finalist: Michele Smeh

Photographer: Sweat RX
Michele Smeh

Box: CrossFit Mozomo (Ontario)

Nominated by: Jo Anne Quanbury

Nomination Testimonial: “I know in the CrossFit community a supportive coach is not unique. That is the amazing part of CrossFit, having a coach that cheers and motivates you and everyone in your box; especially the ones that finish last. So why is Michele the most supportive coach? She has changed my life hands down. I am fitter, stronger and happier than before I started, but it is not about what she has done for me, it’s what she has done for my kids; specifically my oldest son. Michele had started a kids program at CrossFit Mozomo. Both my boys were forced by me to join (much to their chagrin). My oldest (10 at the time he started) son was articulate, bright, polite and well behaved and was incredibly unsure of himself. He was afraid to try new things, afraid of failure and failing. The kids programs at CrossFit Mozomo changed him. Michele changed him. He became more self-confident, outgoing, willing to try new things and even willing to fail. As a parent there is nothing more amazing then seeing your kids in an environment where they can reach their full potential, and thrive. They have that in CrossFit Mozomo. I have glimpsed in him the man he may become and there are no words to express my gratitude for Michele and CrossFit Mozomo for giving him the support he needed. The support to be a stronger, happier and healthier him.”

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Michele Smeh


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