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Stronger, Faster Masters: Joyanne Cooper Inspires the Masses

Stronger, Faster Masters: Joyanne Cooper Inspires the Masses By Stephanie Kewin Years ago, long before CrossFit (let’s call these the fitness dark ages)you might havespent your 40sdoing incline treadmill speed walking orjazzercise. My, how times have changed. Todaycountless individuals around the world aged 40 and up are pulling on their… READ MORE

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OCT 2015: Day 2 Video Recap

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Challenge the Status Quo: Grow a Badass Beard

With all eyes on four-time champion Rich Froning, it’s hard not to miss the bearded style that has become trendy among CrossFit athletes. Owner and creator of the unique line of clothing known as BeardGod Apparel, Torin Simpson, says there’s a simple explanation for that: Women find it sexy! “Science… READ MORE

CrossFit and Firefighting

ENGINE 33, LADDER 15 On March 26, 2014, two Boston Firefighters were trapped in the basement of a Brownstone as a 9-alarm fire raged above them. Both men died: Edward J. Walsh Jr., 43, a father of 3 with almost a decade of experience, and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy, 33,… READ MORE

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Josh Bridges: Mentally tough

Josh Bridges CrossFit builds tough. Athletes train themselves to run faster, lift heavier, and push further — it shows in their physique. Deeply layered musculature sculpted into broad, curving planes demonstrates the versatile and unique physical gifts of the CrossFit training program. Across the board, in the body of every… READ MORE

2014 CrossFit Games: Final Day Report

The 2014 CrossFit Games Day 4 is over and the fittest on earth have been crowned. After 13 grueling events over four days, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Rich Froning have proven themselves to be the best in the world. Froning comes as almost no surprise with 2014 his fourth consecutive victory,… READ MORE

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Look Like a Beauty Train Like a Beast

Beast Mode isn’t just for men anymore! Crossfit was once an underground workout for Firefighters, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Has now made its way to the mainstream of fitness around the world, and a majority of the new adopters are women. Women have come to the forefront of the… READ MORE

Caveman Diet

Paleo vs. Primal The Caveman Diet is one of the many names for the Paleo diet, essentially biologically appropriate eating. It is considered by many experts to be an effective answer for losing weight, improving health, increasing longevity, and optimizing fitness. Paleo vs. Primal: Many people consider these to be… READ MORE

When the Going Gets Tough: Improve your resilience to keep going

I am asked some variation of the following question almost every day: “How do I keep pushing on when things start to get tough?” Athletes want to know how they can keep going hard when the workout really starts to suck. People also want to know how to be more… READ MORE

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Meet David Dellanave

Meet David Dellanave, one of HYLETE’s most active Team Captains. If therewere a modern incarnation of a 19th century physical culturist, he might look something like David. Combining a passion for old-time strongman lifting with a cutting-edge approach to training, David has created a dynamic at his gym, The Movement… READ MORE

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Becoming an Icon

Ask Rich Froning about his diet and he’s pretty nonchalant, admitting he doesn’t follow paleo or count calories in any way, shape, or form. Mention some of his max lifts, which are pretty well on par withlifters who specialize in throwing huge weight around, and he’ll play them off as… READ MORE

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The Uncomfortable Truth

“It is extremely important that we as women model empowering behaviour for our younger generation. We need to teach our children, both boys and girls, that a woman being fit means far more than how she looks in a bikini. It’s about mental and physical strength, goal-setting, enjoying life, and… READ MORE











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