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Kill Cliff East Coast Championship CorssFit
Kill Cliff East Coast Championships 2016 Preview

Kill Cliff East Coast Championships It’s about that season again.  The Kill Cliff East Coast Championships are here! The stars are aligning to bring together some of the premier athletes to New England before the CrossFit Games season begins.  Last year this was the test of who would be the… READ MORE

Wodapalooza CrossFit

Biggest Winners and Performances from WODAPOOLZA 2016     *All images provided by Wodapoolza. This article will mainly be a breakdown the Elite category for the Men’s and Women’s divisions. What started out as a rainy event, ended up being exciting and having some of the brightest and up and… READ MORE

CrossFit Nutrition
Enjoy 3 tasty recipes from Paleo Nick

Nick has over 30 videos in the CrossFit Journall, runs a food booth at The CrossFit Games called “Paleo Nick’s”, and cooks bi-annually for the world renowned Power Monkey Camp. While he is passionate about food and fitness, he enjoys eating more than running. Learn more about Nick at…. READ MORE

Mobility CrossFit Stretch
12 Degrees of Freedom: Seated Exercises

Seated Exercise Thoracic Spine Extension Exercises Everything you do repeatedly in life causes your body to adapt in order to make that task more repeatable.An athlete training for an event adapts to better perform in that event.A desk jockey’s body adapts over time to being bent over a keyboard all… READ MORE

CrossFit Core Sweat RX
Core Essentials

Core Trade in your 6-pack for a set of functional abs! It can help to use an analogy when thinking about your core. Your core is like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is solid, then the house that sits upon it will stand tall. If your core… READ MORE

CrossFit Champs 2015 Winners WOD
Ben Smith wins the crown in his seventh trip to the CrossFit Games. Davidsdottir tops among women.

CrossFit Games 2016 The Fittest on Earth Seventh time’s the charm. After seven consecutive CrossFit Games appearances, 25-year-old Ben Smith is the champion. Smith started CrossFit at age 16 and competed in his first CrossFit Games in 2009 at 19. It wasn’t until the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games that Smith… READ MORE

No Shoe Brooke Ence
NO BULL Releases Signature Shoe for Brand Athlete Brooke Ence

NOBULL and Brooke Ence shake things up with signature shoe launch. On July 22, 2015, NOBULL launched a pre-sale for the Ence Trainer, a signature shoe created with their newest brand athlete, Brooke Ence. The release aligned with the start of competition at the 2015 CrossFit Games, where Brooke is… READ MORE

Noah Ohlsen GRID LA Reign
GRID is Back- 2nd Season with Noah Ohlsen from the LA Reign

NOAH OHLSEN LOOKS TO CAPITALIZE ON LAST YEARS MOMENTUM Los Angeles, CA (April 27, 2015) – The Los Angeles Reign announced today they will resign Noah Ohlsen for the 2nd season of the NPGL. The Los Angeles Reign are looking to keep a lot of last year’s team intact and… READ MORE

Second annual WOD4 SickKids Event

“Seventy-Three Per Cent of Canadians Think Children’s Lifestyles Are Not as Healthy Today as Compared to Their Own Childhood”. Children today may be the first generation in our history to have shorter lifespans than their parents. And, according to a national opinion poll conducted by SickKids Foundation, the SickKids Healthy… READ MORE

Rockin’More Than Reeboks

Rockin’More Than Reeboks Building A Box to Knock Your Sox Off By Stephanie Kewin There’s something special about walking into the box you call home. That perfect amalgamation of pumping bass, chalk-stained rigs, and the familiar smell of rubber and sweat can make every muscle hum in anticipation of the… READ MORE

Thorisdottir, Spealler, Sagar, and Battiston speak up

The Skinny on Body Image Thorisdottir, Spealler, Sagar, and Battiston speak up By Stephanie Kewin Behind every athlete’s success lies a story. At CrossFit competitions, you see the super fit pushing crazy weight or sprinting past competitors with steely determination. These athletes often seem superhuman when their muscled, fit bodies… READ MORE

Chalk up with Ryan Fischer

Quick and Dirty Chalk up with Ryan Fischer By Stephanie Kewin Scrap what you think you know about Ryan Fischer and digest these factoids: At 12 years old, Ryan Fischer was a world-ranked BMX racer. He qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials in skeleton and bobsled.  And, naturally, he… READ MORE











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