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The Power of the Powell’s

Powell Power! Fitness Media Moguls By Jamie Shane Photography by James Patrick Photo Assistant: Amber Blom Hair: Chirrsy Rasmussen, Habit Salon Make up : Kayla Oberg Wardrobe: Reebok and Rogiani Is there any slowing down for the Powells, now that Extreme Weight Loss is in syndication? Clearly Chris and Heidi… READ MORE

Training for Power

Power is the ability to generate high amounts of force over a short period of time. Athlete: Josh Bridges Photography by Simply Perfection So while your strength refers to how much force your muscles can exert, your power refers to how quickly that force can be exerted. For example, if… READ MORE

VaynerSports: Creating Disruption

It’s a cold Friday morning in New York City. After spending 6 hours in traffic and running on one hour of sleep, I arrived at the new development of New York City known as Hudson Park. I try to take a deep breath. I look outside again at the words… READ MORE

Meet the Man Behind CrossFuel

Meet the Man Behind CrossFuel   Dr. Jardine lectures and coaches internationally as a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition and with decades of experience working with many of the world’s top performers, teams and Olympians. Dr. Jardine has seen first hand that what… READ MORE

crossfit 16.4 tips
CrossFit 16.4 tips

2016 CROSSFIT GAMES 16.4 TIPS CrossFit Games Open 16.4 We will put up all the tips for 16.4 by the end of the live announcement for 16.4.  Stay tuned. THE LIFTING FIX CROSSFIT OPEN 16.4- Click here.   16.4 BODY MECHANICS BROKEN DOWN BY DR. HERTING- CLICK HERE. For more info about… READ MORE

CrossFit 16.4
16.4 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour Sponsored by Reebok

Calgary, do you accept the challenge? @ReebokCrossFitRamsay is throwing down for the 16.4 this Saturday March 19th. Come to cheer on your community and compete alongside Games and Reebok Athletes Tyson Takasaki, Paul Tremblay and Emily Abbott #UnlimitYourself #Open2016 #ThrowDown Click here.

CrossFit 16.3 tips
2016 CrossFit Games 16.3 Tips

2016 CrossFit Games 16.3 Tips CrossFit Games Open 16.3 We will put up all the tips for 16.3 by the end of the live announcement for 16.3.  Stay tuned. The Lifting Fix CrossFit Open 16.3 How to increase your barbell cycle time. Click here.   16.3 Body Mechanics broken down by… READ MORE

SASKATOON CrossFit 16.3 Reebok Canada CrossFit
16.3 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour Sponsored by Reebok

  Saskatoon, we’re coming for you. The 2016 Affiliate Open Tour Sponsored by Reebok will be at @ReebokCrossFit306 on Saturday March 12th for the 16.3 #Throwdown #UnlimitYourself #Open2016 Want to join us in Saskatoon?  Click here.  

MONTREAL CrossFitADM Canada Reebok
16.2 2016 Affiliate OPEN Tour Sponsored by Reebok

    2nd Round… Are you ready Montreal? The 16.2 #Throwdown will be at @CrossFitADM this Saturday March 5th #Open2016 #UnlimitYourself Click here for event details!

CrossFit Open 16.1
16.1 CrossFit Tips

  16.1 CrossFit Tips Each week bring you tips and a plan to approach each workout during the open!  Join us each week as we have a doctor and coach join us each we breakdown the workouts. Dr. Herting breaking down form you need to be in! Who is Dr…. READ MORE

Kettle bell Sport
Time to BOLT for your Kettlebell!

What is Kettlebell Sport? So you’ve decided you want to start learning the kettlebell, and with a simple google search, it is obvious there are different schools of thought.  We have Hardstyle (HS), Girevoy Sport (GS), and a mixture of both (BOLT) methods available to us.  How do you know… READ MORE

Taylar Stallings Kill Cliff East Coast Championships CrossFit
Athlete to Watch: Taylar Stallings

Taylar Stallings Taylar Stallings crushed the Clean and Jerk event at the Kill Cliff East Coast Championships last month, Taylar Stallings stopped by to talk about training and preparing the 2016 CrossFit Games season.  Do no miss it.   Click here to listen.   A few facts about Taylar:  She… READ MORE











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