Christmas Abbott CrossFit
Unwrapping the gifts of CrossFit with Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott Unwrapping the gifts of CrossFit By Jamie Shane At 5’3″ and a light 115 pounds, Christmas Abbott’s size belies her power. From CrossFit Regionals to NASCAR pit crew to Inked magazine cover girl, she is fiercely bold in everything that she does. As the owner of CrossFit Invoke,… READ MORE

Paleo Nick
Culinary Ninja: Paleo Nick

Who is Paleo Nick? He’s a cook. He’s a CrossFitter. He’s a master of, and your ultimate guide to, culinary fitness. Nick was born in Minnesota, bred in North Dakota, and currently resides in both Colorado and Alaska. His passion is innovating and teaching creative ways to cook clean, nutrient-dense… READ MORE

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The Paleo Diet Bar

Co-founders Todd and Shauna Sledge build a business “one rep at a time” Sweat equity is a term used often in the world of real estate, where Todd Sledge still earns a living. While many would say it describes nothing more than an increase in property value as the result… READ MORE

Ice Man: Melting the Myth of Ice Therapy

A statement like that is enough to get any athlete’s attention—and for good reason! Scientific research and clinical studies are now suggesting that the long accepted medical “fact” that ice is the go-to solution for pulled muscles, aches, pains, and strains—well, it might not be just an old wive’s tale, ineffective… READ MORE

Flex Appeal Biceps
Flex Appeal – The importance of strong biceps

It is generally accepted in the strength-training world that one of the best ways to increase your pressing strength is to increase the strength of what is considered the weak link–the triceps. Especially in the sport of power lifting, the triceps are considered the weak link in a bench press…. READ MORE

yoga & crossfit
Yoga & CrossFit – the new buzz word

 CrossFitters always ask why they should take a yoga class. They feel the extent of their flexibility work should be a few key stretches before and after a workout. The truth is that yoga complements CrossFit for lots of other reasons, too.   Yoga provides athletes with flexibility, strength, faster… READ MORE

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet face of an angel, kip of a WODkilla.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet face of an angel, kip of a WODkilla

“I decided I was going to win [Canada East] Regionals and was willing to die in the workouts to achieve that goal. Anyone willing to come with me to that dark place would have had to die to win.” – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet It’s not often you hear such cutthroat words… READ MORE

Get the Jump on Explosive Power. Physics and Newton’s Second Law

When looking for the best way to strength train athletes, go back to high school physics and recall that Power = force x velocity. A critical velocity or power output is required to execute any skill. Depending on the movement, power production usually peaks at 30­50% of maximum force or… READ MORE

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Time is on Their Side. The masters of CrossFit

In case your image of the over­40 generation is fat old farts in triple­knit polyester bulging through the slats of their rocking chairs, consider this: Martina Navratilova won a mixed doubles championship at the U.S. Open when she was 49. And baseballer Jamie Moyer, at the same age, pitched a… READ MORE

Mastering double unders

Double unders are an important element in the CrossFit program but aren’t as easy as they look to execute – even for the most coordinated, fit individuals. But as with any other fitness skill, the key is in an effective breakdown to allow a smooth progression to success. The Technique… READ MORE











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