Reebok CrossFit Open
New Life Resolution: Try Something Hard

New Year’s Life Resolution: Try Something Hard (Like signing up for the CrossFit Open!) By Jen Young It’s that time again, folks! The CrossFit Games Open qualifiers start this week, and I think you should sign up. It’s just five workouts (which will probably be part of your gym’s programming… READ MORE

Top Ten North American CrossFit Boxes

Are you ready to get your Fran on? While it’s possible to triumph over thrusters and prevail over pull-ups in your basement or garage, if you really want to ramp up your physical training and set new PRs, a box is where it’s at. With thousands of CrossFit gyms across… READ MORE

Warrior Spirit. Profile on CrossFit Colosseum

When you can invoke the warrior spirit in a high school student, a mother of three, a banker, a paramedic, and a soldier all in the same space, you must be doing something right. In the past two years, CrossFit Colosseum has been accomplishing just that, and earning its place… READ MORE

Crossfit Cordis_1
CrossFit Cordis – A box with heart

The unofficial motto of CrossFit Cordis, a brand new 5000+ square foot facility located in Oakville, Ontario, is “Puitas Cordis,” a Latin phrase meaning “purity from the heart.” According to Andy O’Rourke who opened the box with business partner and co-trainer Andrew Schizas in February 2012, heart is what this… READ MORE

UG RX Winners centennial.
Sharing the passion, commitment and intensity of our community. Highlights from some 2012 events.

Event: Atlantic Hopper Date: July 28, 2012 Location: Moncton, NB: CrossFit Moncton Summary: Fourth annual event with workouts drawn from a hopper; 143 athletes from NS, NB and PEI. Event: Sweat RX Championships Date: August 17-18, 2012 Location: Toronto, ON: Metro Toronto Convention Centre Summary: 1st annual Sweat RX competition… READ MORE

Raising The Bar On Throw Downs. Taranis Winter Challenge

The Taranis Winter Challenge started four years ago, before ‘throw downs’ became a hot trend in CrossFit. Four years later and it’s consistently raising the bar for competitions in Western Canada in organization, execution, and ingenuity. It draws in several Reebok CrossFit Games athletes, including Angie Pye, Jeremy Meredith, and… READ MORE

Fair Play. Levelling the playing field at local competitions

Sandbagging: competing in a skill bracket, or being ranked, lower than one is deemed capable of. The sport of CrossFit is growing and with it the number of local competitions and people wishing to compete. Traditionally, events would include two divisions: Rx (prescribed weights and movements for experienced CrossFitters) and… READ MORE


On November 10th CompWOD’s Best of the Best competition featured some of Canada East’s finest CrossFit athletes. The virtually unknown Charles Felx-Leduc was one of 5 men to earn a wildcard chance to battle against 15 invited athletes from the Region. By the end of the evening he had gained… READ MORE

Push hard. And when you think you can’t push anymore, push harder. Britney Holmberg in “The Fight.”

The “F-Bomb” Not a Swear Word to Us! No, no, no . . . not that F-bomb you might hear flying out of my mouth at CrossFit Altitude. I’m referring to “The Fight.” (Did you really think I’d write an entire article on a curse word? Sheeesh!) The fight I’m… READ MORE

2012-11-03 11.11.05
Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge Grand Opening. Extending the Family Business with co-owners and brothers Chris and Steve Cristini.

The “brand new” smell had barely faded as I stepped into Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge for its Grand Opening earlier this month. Located just north of Toronto, the newest Reebok-sponsored affiliate is spacious and fully equipped with every toy on the CrossFitter’s wish list. Visitors to the new facility were… READ MORE











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