Mike Westerling
Coach Finalist: Mike Westerling

Box: CrossFit Surprise (Arizona) Nominated By: Terri DeSanitas Nomination Testimonial: “I am 55 years old.  Mike has taken extra steps in helping me reach certain goals, which at my age takes a little longer.  At one time, I also had a torn rotator cuff.  Mike is a WONDER at modifying WODs… READ MORE

daniel hartley
Coach Finalist: Daniel Hartley

Box: CrossFit Pisgah (North Carolina) Nominated by: Hilary Parham Nomination Testimonial: “I would like to nominate my coach Daniel Hartley. He not only coaches classes at our gym but personally programs 24 competitors and 5 competitive weightlifters. I see some coaches frequently, but if there’s ever a coach you can… READ MORE

Coach Finalist: Krista Everson

Box: CrossFit Toronto (Ontario) Nominated By: Pamela Thistle Nomination Testimonial: “I nominate my Coach Krista Everson. Why? Because from the very first time I stepped into the CFTO box she was welcoming and supportive. Krista has helped me overcome many obstacles inside the box and out, and not once has she… READ MORE

Ricky Mendez2
Coach Finalist: Ricky Mendez

Box: CrossFit BattleCry (Florida) Nominated by: Ernesto Cruz Nomination Testimonial: “Very supportive and humble coach. Extremely knowledgeable and patient gives his time and modifies workouts when needed. The atmosphere is inviting everyone feels like a big family.” Vote now: or, review the testimonials about each coach finalist: Kelly King Jennifer Morris Ricky Mendez Krista Everson … READ MORE

Jennifer Morris2
Coach Finalist: Jennifer Morris

Box: CrossFit Altitude (Ontario) Nominated by: Alli Etherington Nomination Testimonial: “Jennifer Morris is not only an outstanding and knowledgeable coach, but regularly goes above and beyond to train, encourage, and inspire the athletes at CFA.  Her technical expertise is coupled with a desire to build community and see others achieve their full potential…. READ MORE

Coach Finalist: Kelly King

Box: CrossFit Aledo (Texas) Nominated by: Lindsay McBride Nomination Testimonial: “When I first joined CrossFit Aledo on 7/24/12 I was overweight and scared to start working out. My confidence was so low I wouldn’t even wear shorts. What kept me motivated and showing up to the box everyday was the… READ MORE

CrossFit and Firefighting

ENGINE 33, LADDER 15 On March 26, 2014, two Boston Firefighters were trapped in the basement of a Brownstone as a 9-alarm fire raged above them. Both men died: Edward J. Walsh Jr., 43, a father of 3 with almost a decade of experience, and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy, 33,… READ MORE

Alecia Jones

I considered myself an overweight athlete. I played team sports my whole life, especially in high school, so how was I not in shape? When I was injured in rugby, the weight really started to pack on. I stopped being active completely, until I signed up for hockey again. The… READ MORE


Trodo, a Chicago based start-up, recently launched Trodo Box League focused on strengthening the CrossFit community. Trodo’s mission is to give all athletes, regardless of skill level, the chance to represent their box with pride against other local boxes to ultimately get better as a community. Trodo’s early success can… READ MORE

The Best of Both Worlds: Shellane Demarest bridges the gap between bodybuilding and CrossFit

You wouldn’t know it now, but CrossFit Level One trainer, fitness model and NPC figure competitor Shellane Demarest has not always been the effervescent, confident individual is today. The eldest of three siblings raised in a small New Jersey town by a hardworking single mother, the trials and tribulations of… READ MORE

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How CrossFit Changed My Life: Jeremy Johnston

I was always that big fit kid who played football and wrestled in high school. Then after graduation, I wanted new direction in my life, so I enlisted in the US Navy, where I served almost eight years. While serving in Iraq during 9/11, I went on leave November 7,… READ MORE

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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

DeMel Tarver shares his secrets for developing a sound mind and healthy body At 6-feet-5-inches tall and 230 pounds of rock-solid muscle, DeMel Tarver’s body looks more like that of a professional basketball player than a philosopher. However, while the 34-year-old strength and conditioning coach played college ball and did… READ MORE











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