Kettle bell Sport
Time to BOLT for your Kettlebell!

What is Kettlebell Sport? So you’ve decided you want to start learning the kettlebell, and with a simple google search, it is obvious there are different schools of thought.  We have Hardstyle (HS), Girevoy Sport (GS), and a mixture of both (BOLT) methods available to us.  How do you know… READ MORE

Obstacle Course Racing
OCR Racer Profile: Jonathan Reber w/TITIN TOUGH

Obstacle Course Racing is becoming a huge sport in today’s fitness landscape. Like CrossFit, gone are the days of athletes simply trying to win competitions by training only a few times a week.  It takes dedication and drive to make it to the Gold. In the last three years, obstacle… READ MORE

Charlotte Miles Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged: Behind the Camera with Charlotte Miles

Charlotte Miles Success in any field requires persistence, focus and forward thinking. There’s no better example than Charlotte Miles.  She is one of only two women involved in the production of functional fitness podcasts. Not only that, she has utilized a wide array of skills and experiences to help craft… READ MORE

CrossFit Focus Athlete Stops Thief, Then Crushes WOD

CrossFit teaches us a lot of things. Not the least of which is to be prepared for anything. When confronted with the unknown or unexpected, some people act and others react. One of our members—Brianna Cichoski—is a national sales rep, and she travels quite a bit. As you can imagine,… READ MORE

CrossFit Rep Your Box

CrossFit: Rep your Box The Venue: Where is your box? How long has it been in operation? CrossFit Pro1 is located in the Notre-Dame de Grace (NDG) area of Montreal, just west of the downtown core on St-Jacques Street. What’s in the Name? Why Pro1? Our goal was to bring… READ MORE

Not your average Quonset Hut

Cruising through Malibu less than one mile from the Malibu Pier, and right between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean you’ll find the most useful Quonset hut you’ve ever seen: CrossFit Malibu. SWEAT RX had the good fortune of finding this affiliate, snapping some great pics and hearing… READ MORE

A weekend of inspiration in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

This past August, UG Series held our inaugural Women Strong weekend retreat in the beautiful town of Blue Mountain/Collingwood. We created an all-inclusive weekend full of activities, workouts, coaching sessions, and play for a group of like-minded women whoall enjoy fitness as a sport. What drew me in to my… READ MORE

OCT (1 of 1)-21
2015 OCT: Day 1 Video Recap

Post by Sweat RX Mag.

Michele Smeh
Coach Finalist: Michele Smeh

Box: CrossFit Mozomo (Ontario) Nominated by: Jo Anne Quanbury Nomination Testimonial: “I know in the CrossFit community a supportive coach is not unique. That is the amazing part of CrossFit, having a coach that cheers and motivates you and everyone in your box; especially the ones that finish last. So why is… READ MORE

denise magnini
Coach Finalist: Denise Magnini

Box: CrossFit Opus (Ontario) Nominated by: Francesca Ricci Nomination Testimonial: “In addition to being a top 10 Masters athlete, Denise is a coach to athletes in powerlifting, hockey, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, rugby, running and triathlons. Denise has an ability to design and adapt countless functional workouts that make sense for each athlete’s goals… READ MORE

Steve Goffman
Coach Finalist: Steve Goffman

Box: Coexiste CrossFit (Quebec) Nominated By: Andrea Altman Nomination Testimonial: “Steve has transformed my life. After struggling for almost 10 years with 2 children with special needs, he has encouraged me to see that I deserve to be strong and capable. I have conquered some of my fears because of his… READ MORE

Jarad Ennis
Coach Finalist: Jarad Ennis

Box: CrossFit Pursuit (Michigan) Nominated By: Michael McConnell Nomination Testimonial: “Jarad Ennis is truly an inspiring coach. He is a volunteer coach and always goes above and beyond to ensure that the growth and success of all members of the class are a top priority.  When members get to the box… READ MORE











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