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Rockin’More Than Reeboks

Rockin’More Than Reeboks Building A Box to Knock Your Sox Off By Stephanie Kewin There’s something special about walking into the box you call home. That perfect amalgamation of pumping bass, chalk-stained rigs, and the familiar smell of rubber and sweat can make every muscle hum in anticipation of the… READ MORE

Thorisdottir, Spealler, Sagar, and Battiston speak up

The Skinny on Body Image Thorisdottir, Spealler, Sagar, and Battiston speak up By Stephanie Kewin Behind every athlete’s success lies a story. At CrossFit competitions, you see the super fit pushing crazy weight or sprinting past competitors with steely determination. These athletes often seem superhuman when their muscled, fit bodies… READ MORE

Chalk up with Ryan Fischer

Quick and Dirty Chalk up with Ryan Fischer By Stephanie Kewin Scrap what you think you know about Ryan Fischer and digest these factoids: At 12 years old, Ryan Fischer was a world-ranked BMX racer. He qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials in skeleton and bobsled.  And, naturally, he… READ MORE

Stronger, Faster Masters: Joyanne Cooper Inspires the Masses

Stronger, Faster Masters: Joyanne Cooper Inspires the Masses By Stephanie Kewin Years ago, long before CrossFit (let’s call these the fitness dark ages)you might havespent your 40sdoing incline treadmill speed walking orjazzercise. My, how times have changed. Todaycountless individuals around the world aged 40 and up are pulling on their… READ MORE

Paleo Nick
Culinary Ninja: Paleo Nick

Who is Paleo Nick? He’s a cook. He’s a CrossFitter. He’s a master of, and your ultimate guide to, culinary fitness. Nick was born in Minnesota, bred in North Dakota, and currently resides in both Colorado and Alaska. His passion is innovating and teaching creative ways to cook clean, nutrient-dense… READ MORE

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Becoming an Icon

Ask Rich Froning about his diet and he’s pretty nonchalant, admitting he doesn’t follow paleo or count calories in any way, shape, or form. Mention some of his max lifts, which are pretty well on par withlifters who specialize in throwing huge weight around, and he’ll play them off as… READ MORE

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The Uncomfortable Truth

“It is extremely important that we as women model empowering behaviour for our younger generation. We need to teach our children, both boys and girls, that a woman being fit means far more than how she looks in a bikini. It’s about mental and physical strength, goal-setting, enjoying life, and… READ MORE

Tough Like Lindsey

Lindsey Valenzuela From 34th in the 2011 CrossFit Games to 9th in 2012 and 2nd in 2013, Lindsey’s voracious climb to the top of the CrossFit world is thanks to nothing less than ruthless hard work. Her capacity for mental toughness is sought by many but achieved by few. In… READ MORE

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet face of an angel, kip of a WODkilla.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet face of an angel, kip of a WODkilla

“I decided I was going to win [Canada East] Regionals and was willing to die in the workouts to achieve that goal. Anyone willing to come with me to that dark place would have had to die to win.” – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet It’s not often you hear such cutthroat words… READ MORE

image for first page Albert Dickson
Say bye bye to your bodacious…CrossFit challenges stereotypes

Why Size Matters CrossFit challenges stereotypes Somewhere out there—right now—in a CrossFit box not-so-far-away is a woman considering the sport of fitness. As she listens wide-eyed to a box owner wax poetic about the amazing benefits of varied functional training done at high intensity, she may secretly be worrying, “But… READ MORE











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