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The Best of Both Worlds: Shellane Demarest bridges the gap between bodybuilding and CrossFit

You wouldn’t know it now, but CrossFit Level One trainer, fitness model and NPC figure competitor Shellane Demarest has not always been the effervescent, confident individual is today. The eldest of three siblings raised in a small New Jersey town by a hardworking single mother, the trials and tribulations of… READ MORE

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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

DeMel Tarver shares his secrets for developing a sound mind and healthy body At 6-feet-5-inches tall and 230 pounds of rock-solid muscle, DeMel Tarver’s body looks more like that of a professional basketball player than a philosopher. However, while the 34-year-old strength and conditioning coach played college ball and did… READ MORE

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The Paleo Diet Bar

Co-founders Todd and Shauna Sledge build a business “one rep at a time” Sweat equity is a term used often in the world of real estate, where Todd Sledge still earns a living. While many would say it describes nothing more than an increase in property value as the result… READ MORE

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The Whole9 – A holistic approach to Paleo nutrition and a balanced lifestyle

Improved athletic performance, virtually limitless energy, effortless weight loss—these are just a few of the benefits touted by the Paleo Diet, a nutritional framework based on evolutionary principles. If you CrossFit, you’ve most definitely heard of it. If you’re hardcore, you’ve probably even tried it. Now Melissa and Dallas Hartwig,… READ MORE

Gunning for a New PR? There’s an App for That! – US soldier creates WOD programming smartphone application

Good programming builds great athletes—and even better soldiers. First Lieutenant Derek Wales learned this fact during his deployment to Kuwait with the US Army. He has since taken that knowledge and combined it with an engineering degree and background in CrossFit training to create a smartphone app that will help… READ MORE

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Jeff Martin and CrossFit Kids. Building a leaner, stronger, smarter generation

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in North America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17 percent of US children are obese. While that number drops to 10 percent in Canada, according to the Canadian Obesity Network, it’s still quite tragic. Obese children often become obese… READ MORE

Meet Chris “ Stouty” Stoutenburg”- The man with the heart of a Lion

Stout of Mind When fate changed his game, Chris Stoutenburg changed his fate By Angela Rose Sometimes life takes you in an unexpected direction. For 35-year-old Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg, an enthusiastic athlete who spent his youth playing basketball and football—with hockey, track, skiing, skateboarding, and BMX thrown in for good… READ MORE

CrossFitting Mommy- Is it safe?

Pregnancy and CrossFit WOD like Heather Bergeron   By Angela Rose I am pregnant. Speak those three little words and the people around you—friends, family, doctors, even total strangers—are guaranteed to release a flood of opinions. Some will tell you to give up your “dangerous” exercise routine. Others will suggest… READ MORE

Top Ten North American CrossFit Boxes

Are you ready to get your Fran on? While it’s possible to triumph over thrusters and prevail over pull-ups in your basement or garage, if you really want to ramp up your physical training and set new PRs, a box is where it’s at. With thousands of CrossFit gyms across… READ MORE

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CrossFit Cordis – A box with heart

The unofficial motto of CrossFit Cordis, a brand new 5000+ square foot facility located in Oakville, Ontario, is “Puitas Cordis,” a Latin phrase meaning “purity from the heart.” According to Andy O’Rourke who opened the box with business partner and co-trainer Andrew Schizas in February 2012, heart is what this… READ MORE

Lift for Life. The Essential Deadlift

Though it sounds like the skill of a mortician or mob “cleaner,” the deadlift is one of the best exercises for developing overall strength and improving physical appearance, both for women and men. Earning its name in honour of the weight that must be lifted without the aid of momentum,… READ MORE

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Strength in Versatility. Denmark’s Frederik Aegidius “Doesn’t Suck”

“I’m a very well-rounded athlete,” Frederik Aegidius told in June 2012. “I don’t excel at anything, but I don’t suck at anything either.” That’s putting it rather modestly. The 25-year-old American-style football player from Denmark finished first in the 2012 European CrossFit Regionals, earning a spot in the Games… READ MORE











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