Building Strong Legs: 4 Exercises without Bad Knees

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Building Strong Legs

Building Strong Legs

Let’s face it, injuries are sometimes an unavoidable part of life and athletics. Talk to just about any athlete or exercise enthusiast over the age of 25 and they are almost guaranteed to have some sort of pain, injury, or limitation.

One of the more common areas of trouble for athletes and exercisers alike are the knees.
The Problem: Often, past or present knee issues limit or totally prevent us from performing the traditional lower body exercises. Movements like squats, lunges, and step-ups place significant force through the knee and demand the joint to move through a large range of motion. This is exactly what individuals with knee issues should avoid. These folks are left confused and
frustrated about how they can still train and make gains in the gym.

That is, until now.

The Solution: This article explores a concept that I call Joint-Friendly Training or more specifically, Knee-Friendly Training. Knee-friendly training exercises maximize results in strength and muscle but place minimal stress on the knees. In other words, these exercises will
help you get bigger, stronger legs without creating pain or discomfort.

The Rules

There are two very basic and common sense rules when using the exercises below.

Rule #1 – If it hurts , don’t do it
If one of these exercises creates pain during or after
training, skip it and move on to another variation.

Rule #2 – Change is okay
Don’t be afraid to modify a movement to better accommodate your specific limitations. For instance, use a lighter weight, shorter ROM, or slower tempo.

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